In Frame we have developed a swarm of intelligent drones for disaster relief. Frame means innovation for humanity through the newest technologies.


The team

Sara Ramos CEO at Frame 

I am an Aerospace Engineer and the CEO of Frame. With international experience in the aeronautic industry, I lived the latest four years abroad. I am passionate about humanitarian work and technology and I can speak four different languages. Frame started as my final project and now we aim to become worldwide leaders in innovation for disaster relief!

Andrés Prada Computer Vision Expert 

Andrés is a Computer Vision Expert currently pursuing the latest year of one of the best masters in this specialty in three different countries. He has already developed projects on image processing with drones in Brasil and speaks three languages. Before, he graduated in Audiovisual Systems in Spain and has contributed on several humanitarian actions all over the globe.

Why Frame

In Frame we have developed a very strong competitive advantage over our competitors. We have listened to our prospective clients, and emergencies is a complex scenario that requires specialised solutions.

Most drone-based companies, offer general mapping services for any industry such as agriculture or marketing, so they are not suitable for disaster relief.

Frame’s distinction is the innovation through the combination of aerospace and artificial intelligence technologies to offer an autonomous and specialised service.


Being founded by experts in these two fields, Frame aims to obtain a further competitive advantage by building strong partnerships with the most relevant technological companies in the world. In fact, we already have contacted some international corporations, which showed interest in collaborating with frame.



At least 78 countries need urgent solutions to cope their capacities for disaster management. They have very high risk because of the frequency of this natural catastrophes, the low quality of their infrastructures, the lack of clear and organised politic organisation, and very poor resources.

Out of them, more than 60% are least developed countries with any economic resources to search victims. These nations must wait for external help, usually coming from foreign farther countries accumulating very large delays, which translate into life losses.

Our service

In Frame, we deploy  a swarm of intelligent drones  immediately after disaster strikes. Drones, have been trained and follow AI algorithms that allow them to flight, coordinate, and adapt to unforeseen events in an autonomous manner.

solucion frame.png

We do not require pilots, avoiding high costs, delays and complications.

As a result, we deliver a post-disaster map in real time. The interactive map allows emergency services to address the degree of affection of the area. In addition, evacuation routes are identified and collapsed buildings can be clearly distinguish. Furthermore, affected population nucleus are highlighted in order to secure the most efficient rescue.

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